Meet Our Leaders

Matt Burden – Director

Matt has been a citizen of the world his whole life, born in New Zealand and raised in 7 different countries his love for travelling developed at a young age. After attending Sussex University in England to complete his Bsc in Accounting and Finance he began working with one of the major accounting firms in Dubai before realizing that this was not the life for him. Since his first visit to Sri Lanka in 2007 his regular trips grew his love for the country and desire to share this experience with others lead to the formation of Indulge Sri Lanka with Mark Fernando.



Mark Fernando – Director

Mark has a career that spans over 20 years in the fields of Hospitality, Human Resources Management, Administration, Finance, Travel and Adventure. The vast experience accumulated over the years has enabled him with expertise and confidence to contribute towards organisational success. He brings with him extensive experience from the corporate sector; local and overseas. After he finished his MBA, he wanted to move into management of his own business. Life is boring without adventure and challenge! Mark likes to travel a lot and has done many adventure tours in Sri Lanka for the past 25 years; starting from the age of 16. Mark saw that many agents provide tours but the service level provided is not up to standard – hence the desire to be a part of a team that can and does.

“My Mobile is available 24/7 and I will give travellers the best experience no matter what your requirements”



Jensen Davies – Business Development

Jensen is a Business Development professional who has recently joined our Team. Growing up as an Expat he spent his life travelling around the world. Upon visiting Sri Lanka, he fell in love with what the country had to offer. His love of adventure made him the perfect fit for Indulge enjoying the Surfing, Rock Climbing and Hiking expeditions we offer.


Andrew Graham – Hotel Liaison

Andrew holds a BSc in Conservation and Biosecurity and has experience in Accounting, Admin, HR, Hospitality management positions in the UK. He enjoys the great outdoors and adventure sports and travelling. He has a strong interest in sustainability and technology. Andrew has recently taken up a position with Indulge consulting on projects here in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is an extremely excited with this opportunity and to be part of the development of Indulge and the Sri Lankan tourism industry.


Nicola Burden – Indulge Luxury Division

Nicola is a big 4 qualified Chartered Accountant with 20+ years’ experience in senior finance and commercial roles in the Middle East and Australasia, she has a rich background in real-estate, property development, new business start-ups and the hospitality industry. Nicola will be heading up the newly formed Indulge Luxury division which will provide the highest level of service and experience to those discerning clients to whom quality is paramount.






Why Choose Us?

Western owned and operated
We are owned and operated by westerners who have lived all over the world, this helps us to provide a service to our customers with European standards in mind.
Highest level of service
Our biggest priority is customer service, ranging from when we receive an email to the point you leave the country we are there to make your holiday the best it can be.
Our interests are yours
Our team are interested in all the activities that we offer and the adventures are made around this.
Great knowledge of the country
We are very knowledgeable about all areas of the country and are happy to share this with anyone who is interested.
We understand your needs
Having traveled internationally all over the world we understand what you are looking for, local standards are not always international standards. We make sure that our partners meet our standards and minimum requirements.
Value for money
We aim to provide our services at a fair price giving you a value for money proposition, while we might not always be the cheapest but we have personally checked what we offer and it is the best for that price.
Safety and security
When travelling one of the main concerns should be their physical security and the safety of any vehicles and equipment used by tour operators. We work with our partners to ensure that they meet the high level of safety requirements which we expect. We also ensure that your driver or tour operator will know where the nearest quality medical providers are located should you sustain any injury.
40 years Travel experience
Our team has collectively more than 40 years of experience in the travel industry. We will use this experience to give you the best possible adventure.


  • From the moment we landed till the time we left it was one of the best holidays of my life, the trip that Indulge set up for us was full of excitement!

    Rachel Gunstone – Brighton
  • I had such a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka, Matt and his team made everything so easy simple. I would recommend this country to anyone looking to get away from city life for a few weeks

    Tom King- London
  • The boys at Indulge organised my surf trip to A-Bay earlier this year, the waves were awesome and everything else was far better than I expected. I have recommended them to all my friends

    Mike Misselhorn – Dubai