Western owned and operated

We are owned and operated by westerners who have lived all over the world, which allows us to provide a service to our customers with European standards in mind.

Highest level of service

Our greatest priority is customer service, from your intitial enquiry to your departure from our shores, we are there to ensure your holiday is the best it can be.

Our interests are yours

Our team are interested in all the activities that we offer, and the adventures are based around this.

Great knowledge of the country

We are very knowledgeable about all areas of the country and are happy to share this with anyone who is interested.

We understand your  needs

Having traveled internationally all over the world we understand what you are looking for – local standards are not always international standards. We ensure that our partners meet our standards and minimum requirements.

Value for money

We aim to provide our services at a fair price giving you value for money. While we might not always be the cheapest, we have personally checked the services we offer and know it is the best for that price.

Safety and security

When travelling one of the main concerns should be their physical security and the safety of any vehicles and equipment used by tour operators. We work with our partners to ensure that they meet the high level of safety requirements which we expect. We also ensure that your driver or tour operator will know where the nearest quality medical providers are located should you sustain any injury.

40 years Travel experience

Collectively, our team has more than 40 years of experience in the travel industry. We will use this experience to give you the best possible adventure.